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Fireplace Holidays Apartment
Welcome to Budapest! Spend your unforgettable holiday in the center of Budapest! Situated right in the centre of Budapest Fireplace Holidays all-season... Full Ad..

 About our company

Who we are

Our goals

Asesor 24 CA is a internet platform attempting to cover the demand on the real estate market, automobile market and job market, offering other products as well, additionally we provide our users information about qualified companies offerring profesional help in all market fields, also we have thought about your private entertainment and have listed all current and most interesting events in your local area.

Brief history of our website

Since August 2006 Asesor 24 went online, from that date we have been expanding constantly, extending our publications onto the automobile and job market. Additionally we have made Asesor 24 accessible in other languages such as French and German, in the future we will try to implement many other languages.

Our team

Asesor 24 CA is a multicultural team and will remain it in the future, among the nationalities represented at the moment are: Venezuela, Germany, Marocco, Uruguay, Italy and others. We would be glad to grow and make the nationality list much longer in the future. what ages concerns is Asesor 24 a place of diversity as well, the youngest in our team is now 19 years old and the eldest 55 years old and in the future we would be very happy if we might mention ages from 18 to 80 years.

Thank you for using our services

Your Asesor 24 CA Team

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