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 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it necesary to register to place a classified ad?
no, you need no registration at all.

 What does it cost to place a classified ad our your site?
It is free of charge, however you can have some privileges for a small fee.

 I just published a classified ad on your site but it is not online yet, Why?
Remember that all classified ads are read by humans beings before going online, this is to avoid any spam or misuse, so it might take severals minutes for the administrators to unlock you ad.

 What should I avoid while publishing a classified ad?
You should avoid the use of descriminating words, sentences similar to threats, sentences describing sexuals acts or any other kind of ofenssive or not proper words. This kind of ads will not be unlocked or shown on our website.

 Which Anti-Spam measures have you taken on this website?
First of all, we don't save any email address from customers on our database, this bassically means that you dont need any email address for using our services, as second most important measure we provide all publication forms with an user friendly Captcha Script so that no publicaton can be made by robots, also all classified ads have been read by humans beings before being unlocked and shown on the site.

 Is the use of scripting languages like HMTL or JavaScript allowed while publishing a classified ad?
The use of HTML is allowed, JavaScript is NOT, because using JavaScript may alter the displayed data and statistics on the classified ads.

 I would like to place a classified ad in a foreign like Arabic, Norwegian, Japanese etc. What is important to know?
Proceed to publish your ad as usual, our website support any character set, some examples for suported letters are:

Chech: Á, Ý, Ž
German: ä ö ü ß
Finnish: Å, Ä, Ö
Norwegian: Æ æ ø å

and thousand others.

 I have a lot of products but placing one by one would take days. Is there an easier way to publish my classified ads?
Yes, we support a lot of formats, usually CSV (Windows Excel / Open Office), XML or SQL files to easy populate our database, please send us an Email to: info[at]asesor24.com with Attachment and our administrators will do the job for you.

 I have gotten a bill from your company, why?
We never send bills via Email or post, if you gotten a bill, please contact local offices that help to prevent internet fraud, also send us an email with as much information as possible.

Please be aware that asesor24.com:
We never ask your financial information via email.
We never get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers.
We never send newsletters.
We never ask for your email address.
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Thank you for using our services

Your Asesor 24 CA Team

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